Renters insurance Florida tenants need and love.

Renter’s insurance, also known as tenant’s insurance, is something few people consider.  Most people do not even know that renter’s insurance is available, nor that the landlord is not liable for their tenants’ possessions.  It is not unlike homeowner’s insurance, with the exception of the fact that it does not cover the actual home – only the renter’s belongings.  It also offers limited liability in certain situations.  In areas like Florida, which is known for its occasionally extreme weather, it’s a must! 

Should tragedy strike, the landlord’s insurance only covers the structure according to Cheap renters insurance Florida tenants need covers their personal property, including any furniture they bring into the home, collectibles, technological devices and computers, televisions, and similar belongings.  Be sure to read your policy thoroughly to know exactly what is and is not included, and never be afraid to ask questions!

Renter’s insurance covers any minor alterations the tenant makes, such as new carpeting or new kitchen appliances.  Some policies also cover personal liability in case someone is injured or incurs a loss of property in the tenant’s apartment.  Medical coverage (up to a limited amount) is often included, as well.

We have all seen distressing images of hurricane damage and the looting of private property that sometimes follows.  It could be weeks or even months before the damage is repaired, the utilities restored, and those displaced can return to their homes. More likely, a friend or neighbor could fall in your home, or break something of yours (or their own).  In some instances, you could be held liable for any loss they suffer – including medical expenses, pain, and suffering, or the cost of replacing lost or damaged property.

No one likes to think about these things, but Florida is known for its extreme weather – particularly during hurricane season – so renters need to think about them.  Cheap insurance Florida renters need from is less expensive than homeowners insurance, and includes coverage for fire, vandalism, and theft.  Furthermore, it provides some limited liability in very specific circumstances.

Not every policy will include all of these items, and not every renter will need such comprehensive coverage.  Your insurance agent is always available to go over your policy and not only explain what you need to know in everyday language, but help you choose the policy you need according to your personal situation.